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Small businesses need consistent cybersecurity support, but they cannot always afford to put someone on staff to manage these systems. Critical Prism Defense is the answer to that problem. Whether it is consulting, management services, or training you require, you get the custom services you need when you need them. With results from a comprehensive assessment, custom solutions will be recommended and implemented so that your systems and networks will be protected, you and your staff will be trained, and all necessary government requirements will be met.

Critical Prism Defense LLC provides companies in the Defense, Aerospace, and Governments sectors the following services:

Meet Paul Netopski

Paul Netopski is a U.S. veteran and the sole proprietor of Critical Prism Defense LLC. He began his professional career in the defense and intelligence community as an electronics technician for the United States Navy. Later, he worked for the United States Air Force as a contractor focusing on Information Systems Security for critical mission systems. He then moved on to a position at MIT as an Information Security Representative and then an Information Systems Security Manager & Director of Information Services, Embedded Systems for the Charles Stark Draper Laboratory.

He is respected for his high level of strategic thinking and is knowledgeable in many disciplines including cyber, electronics, IT, contracts, R&D, and engineering. His numerous business certifications and security clearance make it easy for companies to work with him as a consultant. Paul works well both independently and as part of a team, and he has a strong network of professionals and product sellers that enhance and solidify the solutions he can offer to meet a variety of needs.

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Paul Netopski

Owner, Critical Prism Defense, LLC

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Is keeping up with security requirements interfering with your business productivity?
Fill the gaps in your team by partnering with Critical Prism Defense.
Our managed services allow you to quickly adapt cybersecurity capabilities.

Engineering Contracting
Offering cybersecurity tools and services how and when you need them. An addition to your team for as long as necessary.

Engineering Consulting
Developing security products that protect your information and meet cybersecurity requirements of the federal government.

IT Network
Design, architecture, implementation, maintenance and/or operation of secure enclaves

IT Network Cybersecurity
Review and assess business practices and controls using national standards and frameworks.

Role-appropriate training for your entire workforce to stay cybersafe at work and home.