Cybersecurity Engineering Consultant

Cybersecurity consulting to steer development of products that meet the cybersecurity requirements of the federal government. Consulting involves executing strategic services related to the client’s cybersecurity.

Using knowledge and years of experience, CPD will advise, guide, instruct, and help implement better security measures for your cyber systems. Once weaknesses are detected, a strategy will be developed to strengthen systems that will prevent future hackers from preying on vulnerabilities.

Services include:

  • Assist your product development team understand and design to requirements for the Department of Defense. Specialized in autonomous systems [autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV), unmanned underwater vehicles (UUV)]
  • Data-at-rest & data-in-transit encryption
  • Commercial Solutions for Classified
  • NSA Type-1 encryption solutions
  • Information and Communication Technologies Supply Chain Risk Management (ICT-SCRM)
  • TEMPEST requirements
  • Anti-Tamper
  • Risk Management Framework / FedRAMP

security expert working on a computer

Your Best Defense…

…is a knowledgeable consultant. I am your cybersecurity strategy advisor at the ready. Let Critical Prism Defense build a plan to strengthen your developed products and improve your security measures.

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Our managed services allow you to quickly adapt cybersecurity capabilities.

Engineering Contracting
Offering cybersecurity tools and services how and when you need them. An addition to your team for as long as necessary.

Engineering Consulting
Developing security products that protect your information and meet cybersecurity requirements of the federal government.

IT Network
Design, architecture, implementation, maintenance and/or operation of secure enclaves

IT Network Cybersecurity
Review and assess business practices and controls using national standards and frameworks.

Role-appropriate training for your entire workforce to stay cybersafe at work and home.